Offshore Support Vessels (OSV)

Due to ever rising demand for oil and gas in the world today, the global offshore oil and gas industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. The rising cost of oil and gas prices holds great promises for the industry in coming years. Offshore ships are those marine vessels which are specially designed to support the offshore oil and gas industry. They form the primary mode of transportation for carrying goods and workforce to oil stations deep inside the Ocean. Offshore Vessels are specially designed ships for transporting goods and personnel to offshore oil platform that operate deep in oceans. The size of these vessels ranges between 20 meters and 100 meters. They are vital and inevitable in accomplishing a variety of tasks in the supply chain.

The main categories of Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) may include
Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)

Anchor Handling Vessels (AHT)

Dive support vessels

Construction support vessels

Accommodation vessels

Offshore exploration & drilling vessels

Heavy lift/crane barge

Well Intervention Vessels

Ice Breaking Vessels

Cable Laying Vessels

Seismic Vessels

Multipurpose support vessels

Emergency response/ rescue vessels (ERRV)

Fire Fighting Vessels